For forty years Apicoltura Casentinese has been passionate about safeguarding nature, its fruits and the living creatures that produce its wonderful treasure.
Company-owned beehives and 2000 carefully selected beekeepers located throughout Italy are behind our selections of cold-pressed honeys of the highest certified quality.

All our fruit comes from organic orchards.
We have absolute respect for our raw material, processing at low temperatures and conducting continuous quality checks, with 10,000 tests and 7,500 analyses carried out every year.

Respecting and preserving the knowledge handed down over the centuries by farmers and beekeepers, everything we do reflects our commitment to protecting and harnessing the special taste and quality of pure, natural products.


These are not only the three words that have guided Apicoltura Casentinese from the very start, but are the principles behind everything the company does. Combined with the care and innovation we apply to all aspects of our business, they have enabled us to become the healthy company we are today, and will continue to steer our future growth.


The story of Apicoltura Casentinese is a wonderful example of the Italian spirit of enterprise.
The company was founded in 1982 in Casentino, a unique area in the region of Tuscany, with its roots in a dream that was inspired by the insects that are the very core of the business: the humble, hardworking bees that make such an extraordinary contribution to the wellbeing of the earth and all who inhabit it.
Ever since, everything we do has been based upon a profound love for nature and our desire to cherish and take care of it, respecting its natural laws.
That’s why we say NO to pesticides to boost the natural flowering process.
That’s why we say NO to using preservatives and additives to improve our product’s appearance or consistency.
Respect, commitment and passion, combined with the care and innovation we apply to all aspects of our business, are the guiding principles that have enabled us to become the healthy company we are today, and will continue to steer our growth.


  • The leading Italian honey producer in 2019 with 2.5 million kg
  • Premium honey and other bee-derived products
  • 2,000 Italian beekeepers and an exceptionally short supply chain for greater quality control
  • Among the main Italian producers of organic jam in 2019
  • 3,500 orchard farmers involved in a very short supply chain


Apicoltura Casentinese is known for its high quality, pure, rare organic honeys linked to highly localised regions.
Seasonal honeys that are only available at certain times of the year when the plants are in flower and the bees are pollinating in their particular area. Their flavours are unique to the location of the orchards where the hives are placed.
A special selection of unusual flavours, where the taste of the flower prevails and the knowledge and skill of master beekeepers is at the service of nature.


Apicoltura Casentinese organic compotes, jams and gourmet compotes are made from the pulp of the tastiest, most delicious fruits and vegetables, cooked to perfection, using only the very best raw materials.
Only what you need, without adding anything.
Simply the pure taste of nature.